For the last three weeks we’ve released two tracks from what will be our next EP. The result will be five tracks that have challenged us in many ways. The songs have been hard to arrange, play, record and most of all hard to fit into our earlier albums. This is the material that never had a home. Since we are no big fans of homelessness we started to build the idea of a EP that would carry the songs that Always Near didn’t. The project name of our idea became “hårda EP:n” or the hard EP since we felt that the songs was a bit to heavy to fit into our other material.

All this this was before and during the time we recorded Always Near and the EP seemed very far away back then. Now, more than a year later we can present to you a taste of what’s coming. The first release is feetball were we use one of our favorite tools: dynamics.

The second release is Birthday which was written by Karma Tree and former band member David Åhrström during the time he was in the band. Birthday showcases the melody craziness and ironic despair that was possible when David and Hugo put their minds together. The song has gone through a lot of polishing since the first draft, here it is – Birthday:


The photographs in the artwork for these tracks are by our friend Kasey Adams and are shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera during a visit to Gotland.



We got a very nice interview from the fellows over at frostclick.

Check it out:



That right there is a link to our new album! Go ahead and crank it up.


Check out our new song Rabbeats. You’ll find a stream on the music page.
Soon also available on spotify.




Tiden är kommen, klockan har klämtat.
Karma Tree släpper singel den 3 juni.

Efter månader av rep och ytterligare månader av inspelning, mixning och lyssning har vi fått ihop vårt andra album. Denna singel som du den 3 juni kommer att få höra är det första steget in i ditt nya favoritmästerverk. Det är med andra ord dags att lämna vår gamla skiva bakom er.


Available at Spotify, BandCamp and more.




It has been a long time since we released something big, three years to be more specific. We are back and we hope you are as well.

Check out our gigs for show info.






We are still mixing our new album. It’s sounding really good. Unfortunately we had to slow down on working this summer and attend to personal matters, so the album is taking a little longer than originally planned. But it’s coming.


In the meantime, what can I tell you about the album? The songs are clearly written by us, but they sound way different from Sleepium. I can only speak for myself, but I associate this album with where we live. There is a sense of cocooning away in Sweden and the album reflects that. Like wearing long johns, pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie and a massive winter jacket with both hoodies up and staring at a wall. For about four months every year I (and everyone else around here) have to wear a ridiculous amount of clothing just so I don’t freeze to death. So all you do is long and dream about being on a beach somewhere. You swear that you’ll never take shorts for granted again. You rarely see your friends, because who wants to take public transportation (which is likely delayed) for an hour and have to wade through 3m of snow. You get the picture; it fucks with your head. So, to me, we have songs on this album that either accept the inevitable defeat (the end of Tesla just sounds like a bad winter storm), songs that long to be in another physical space (Someone told me that the slide guitar on one of the songs sounds like Hawaii/Spongebob Squarepants) and songs that create that physical space inside your head instead (DWYAT being a good example).


Slaving away to try to make these mixes great, I think it’s worth the little extra wait. We have plenty more material and promise that it won’t be another two years until you hear something new from us. Until then, enjoy fall while it lasts and brace yourselves for a shitty winter with a great soundtrack.






Our old friend and band member David Åhrström, also known as seabiscuit, has just released his second procreation. Check out the album here:

I bet more info will be available at later on!

Good work David!