The thoughts behind our next EP

For the last three weeks we’ve released two tracks from what will be our next EP. The result will be five tracks that have challenged us in many ways. The songs have been hard to arrange, play, record and most of all hard to fit into our earlier albums. This is the material that never had a home. Since we are no big fans of homelessness we started to build the idea of a EP that would carry the songs that Always Near didn’t. The project name of our idea became ”hårda EP:n” or the hard EP since we felt that the songs was a bit to heavy to fit into our other material.

All this this was before and during the time we recorded Always Near and the EP seemed very far away back then. Now, more than a year later we can present to you a taste of what’s coming. The first release is feetball were we use one of our favorite tools: dynamics.

The second release is Birthday which was written by Karma Tree and former band member David Åhrström during the time he was in the band. Birthday showcases the melody craziness and ironic despair that was possible when David and Hugo put their minds together. The song has gone through a lot of polishing since the first draft, here it is – Birthday:


The photographs in the artwork for these tracks are by our friend Kasey Adams and are shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera during a visit to Gotland.


New song – Rabbeats

Tiden är kommen, klockan har klämtat.
Karma Tree släpper singel den 3 juni.

Efter månader av rep och ytterligare månader av inspelning, mixning och lyssning har vi fått ihop vårt andra album. Denna singel som du den 3 juni kommer att få höra är det första steget in i ditt nya favoritmästerverk. Det är med andra ord dags att lämna vår gamla skiva bakom er.


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